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Startup Show: This startup is going to ship you anything in an hour... from space

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In this episode of Grit Daily Startup Show, host John Biggs delved into the innovative world of space re-entry vehicles with Justin Fiaschetti, the CEO and co-founder of Inversion. Fiaschetti’s company is pioneering the development of space capsules designed to store cargo in low Earth orbit and deliver it anywhere on Earth in under an hour. The aim is to transform the transportation industry by leveraging space technology for rapid, precise deliveries.

Inversion’s capsules are equipped with solar panels and communication radios, allowing them to operate autonomously once in orbit. These capsules can be launched using rockets like SpaceX’s Falcon 9 and remain in space until they receive coordinates to return to a specified location on Earth.

There is an upcoming October mission featuring a subscale vehicle named Ray that will test these capabilities. Primarily, Ray will demonstrate the ability to deorbit and land precisely, proving the feasibility of Inversion’s concept.

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