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The Startup Show: How one founder stays close to her customers

On this episode of Startup Show, John Biggs sat down with Amrutha Gujjar, the CEO and co-founder of Structured, a revenue intelligence and observability platform. In simple terms, Structured is designed to help businesses understand their sales, marketing, and customer success data to identify high-value customer segments and drive growth. The platform simplifies the process of data analysis, enabling companies to pinpoint their best opportunities for growth using data.

With Structured, businesses can determine when and where their products or services are most popular and who their top customers are. This allows companies to focus their sales and marketing efforts more effectively, ensuring they target the right audience with the right message.

For example, if a company sells cheese sandwiches (John’s latest great idea), Structured could identify that these sandwiches are most popular on Sundays in February near a ball game, targeting specific geographic regions and age groups.

The inspiration for Structured came from Gujjar’s experience as an engineer at Meta, where she worked on tools to make operations teams more effective with data. Her passion for user experience and interfaces led her to create a platform that simplifies data accessibility for revenue operations teams. The goal for the future is to enable small, highly strategic teams with data to drive growth, reducing the need for large teams and making businesses more efficient.

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