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Startup Show: This startup is connecting everything in the world

Chirp Wireless is connecting the disconnected

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On this episode of Grit Daily Startup Show, host John Biggs was joined by Tim Kravchunovsky, the CEO and founder of Chirp Wireless, who discussed his company’s innovative approach to Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. Chirp Wireless is at the forefront of developing a versatile, unified network that aims to change the way IoT applications integrate into various sectors, from agriculture and automotive to urban development.

The core of Chirp’s technology revolves around a unique type of IoT antenna that customers can install anywhere and everywhere. These antennas provide extensive network coverage, both long and short range, ensuring that connected IoT devices maintain a stable connection regardless of their proximity to urban centers or rural locations. This system mimics cellular network connectivity, where a seamless transition between network cells allows for uninterrupted service as users move through different areas.

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