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Keep Going: The Power of Authenticity

"Relatability comes not from homogeneity, but from vulnerability."

In this episode, I interview Savannah Peterson, an on-air celebrity and presenter, about the importance of being your true self when trying to achieve success. Savannah shares her personal journey of self-discovery and emphasizes the value of celebrating your uniqueness.

"The things that make you different are the things that are going to make you memorable,” she says.

She discusses the power of authenticity and vulnerability in connecting with others and building a genuine audience. She also provides advice on overcoming traditional expectations and finding your passion in work. The takeaway? Failure is a natural part of the creative process and that the most important thing is to enjoy the act of creating.

Our theme music is by Policy AKA Mark Buchwald. (

Keep Going
Keep Going
When you're going through Hell, keep going." This is a podcast about failure and how it breeds success. Every week, we will talk to amazing people who have done amazing things yet, at some point, experienced failure. By exploring their experiences, we can learn how to build, succeed, and stay humble. It is hosted by author and former New York Times journalist John Biggs. Our theme music is by Policy, AKA Mark Buchwald. (