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Keep Going: Mindfulness and the busy CEO

In this episode of Keep Going I speak with Danny Penman, co-author of Deeper Mindfulness. He describes the source of his mindfulness practice and how it can help people survive in a frantic world.

Fifteen years ago penman crashed his paraglider into a hillside. He ruined his leg and as he lay in pain he began to meditate, trying to drive away the fear and anxiety. The results were astounding and he slowly grew that experience into what amounts to a fully-formed system for busy but anxious people. I'm about to try it out and I encourage you to as well. You can learn more at his site ⁠⁠.

Our theme music is by Policy AKA Mark Buchwald. (

Keep Going
Keep Going
When you're going through Hell, keep going." This is a podcast about failure and how it breeds success. Every week, we will talk to amazing people who have done amazing things yet, at some point, experienced failure. By exploring their experiences, we can learn how to build, succeed, and stay humble. It is hosted by author and former New York Times journalist John Biggs. Our theme music is by Policy, AKA Mark Buchwald. (